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Threat intelligence for everyone

Fortify your defenses with our real-time threat actor monitoring and intelligence.

Stay informed, act proactively, and safeguard your assets.

What you get

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Offers real-time updates on cybersecurity threats from a wide range of sources, including the open web, tor, and telegram channels.

Track threat actor movement

We keep a watchful eye on the cyber adversaries so you can stay one step ahead enabling proactive defence.

Historical data access

Offers access to historical threat data, enabling organizations to analyze trends and anticipate future threats.

Customized alerts

Allow organizations to tailor alerts to specific threat indicators relevant to their environment, reducing alert fatigue and improving incident response.

Comprehensive coverage

Monitors diverse sources, including the dark web and communication channels, providing users with a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, even in hidden corners of the internet.

Cost saving

Proactive threat mitigation and reduced incident response time can lead to cost savings by preventing data breaches and minimizing the financial impact of cyberattacks.

Reduced false positives

Minimizes false positive alerts, ensuring that security teams focus on genuine threats rather than being overwhelmed by irrelevant noise.

User-friendly interface

Designed to be intuitive, ensuring that valuable threat intelligence is accessible and understandable for both technical and non-technical team members.

the platform

Latest ransomware attacks & security incidents funnelled to a single dashboard from thousands of sources

Global Cyber Threat Overview

Stay informed and vigilant in the face of ever evolving cybersecurity risks by exploring the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats across the world.

Profile of cyber adversaries

Develop a profound insight into the threats they may pose to your cybersecurity defences and stay ahead by comprehending your adversaries.

Custom Threat Alerts

Stay informed about the threats that matter most to your organization and take proactive measures against potential cyber risks.

Data ingestion

Integrate falconfeeds API with your SOC systems to ingest threat incident data from across the globe, empowering your organization to strengthen its defenses.

Seamless integrations

Seamlessly connect with slack, webhook, and Microsoft teams to receive real-time alerts.

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